“7th graders will receive their iPad on Thursday, March 21st,” is what all the students were talking about. The sneaky rumors and gossip about these new technologies made it hard to sort out fact from fiction. When the day finally came and students crammed the classrooms, the spirit and excitement was missing. Why? There are many reasons why I think iPads are not so great.

Teachers and students both believed that iPads would cut down on the amount of paper work. As wonderful at that may seem, it’s not entirely true. Cutting down the amount of paper work is impossible mainly because of two reasons. First of all, most teachers won’t allow you to use their iPads in their class, not even to write your study habits. Not using them in classes makes the point of the iPads unclear. Why did we get iPads in the first place if we’re not even allowed to use them? Second, If teachers don’t allow you to use them then worksheets are still being printed and paper and ink are being wasted. iPads do not cut down the amount of paper work because of classroom instructions, which in the end leads us to no better than when we started before we got iPads.

Second, the iPads were given to us to make homework more accessible. Right? Think again. Homework may be more “convenient” on the iPad but that doesn’t necessarily make it accessible. For starters, you have to be connected to wifi to get your homework off the Internet. If you’re on a long afternoon bus ride, good luck getting your homework started. Unless somebody nearby has a mobile hotspot, you have to wait. Second of all, Homework done on the iPad is more at a risk of being lost. You save to thirty different folders but all of a sudden your iPad breaks! All that hard-worked homework Is now lost in the iPad. Just try to have it fixed by lunch. The Juice Bar is so over busy that you can barely get it in two days! iPads have made things harder and more difficult to find while at the same time keeping things more organized. iPads have made accessibility not even an option.

Everyone was excited for the release of the schools iPad 2s. To have your own iPad at last! Everyone was cheerful, but when people saw blocked pages, overdose of homework, worksheets, and wifi shortages they started to change their mind. At least that’s what happened to me. iPad turned out to be an iBummer.

Screenshot of my IPad.

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