10 People

1. Selena Gomez
– Are you actually happy being famous?

2. Michael Dell
– What are your secrets to success in the early years?

3. Issac Newton
– Did you ever feel like giving up?

4. Abraham Lincoln
– Were you secretly a pro-slavery suppporter?

5. Marilyn Monroe
– Did you like what you did?

6. Steve Jobs
– Is it fun releasing new apple products?

7. Mark Zuckerberg
– Is it pleasing to be rich or do you feel like you have to much?

8. Michael Phelps
– Was each win just as good feeeling as the last?

9. Tina Fey
– Do you tink  youre just as funny as men?

10. Jennifer Lawrence
– Were you ever nervous about an acting interview

Photo Credit: Todd Klassy via Compfight cc



on “10 People
2 Comments on “10 People
  1. G’day Laura,

    People from past and present as well as male and female – great choices.

    PS Great to see you include an image and give the correct attribution as well. Next thing to learn is how to make a link in your post.

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