The Phantom’s Lair

As Christine sits on the wooden seat of the boat, the phantom slowly steers her forward. With each movement of the paddle, the boat is propelled forward. “Thump,” the boat speaks as it hits the sandy shore. The candles slowly rise from the murky water and illuminate the lair with its dim light.  The soft glow reflects on the organ that hasn’t been polished in years.

Sitting on the organ’s bench is a mask- The Phantom’s mask.

The phantom has disappeared behind a curtain and Christine stands and makes her way over to the mask. The mirrors cover the walls, showing Christine examining his mask. The candles flicker, producing an eerie glow on Christine’s pale face. The boat sits undisturbed on the shore slowly rocking back and forth creating small waves that spread in every direction.

 The Phantom appears from a hanging curtain and snatches the mask from Christine with a bewildered look on his face. He hears the oncoming mob and grabs Christine by her arm, dragging her into the cave of his despair. He then pulls her to his dummy and demands for her to wear the silken white wedding dress. Christine, mortified by his obsession, has no choice but to wear the dress. She slips it on and the phantom proposes to her with a ring just as Raoul pulls up to the phantom’s Iron Gate. “My dear, I think we have a visitor.”The candles softly dim. The boat’s swaying stops. The water is still. Christine’s nervous ashen face is slowly disappearing as the scene transforms into blackness.

photo credit: (aka Brent) via photopin cc

One Comment

on “The Phantom’s Lair
One Comment on “The Phantom’s Lair
  1. “The candles softly dim. The boat’s swaying stops. The water is still.”
    Great magic three here…your use of three short sentences in a row actually “stills” your narrative, underscoring the fact that you are bringing the action of your piece to a stillness.

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