Laura’s Woods

Jacob continued to walk on, hopefully trying to leave the darkness of this place. He tried to be quiet, but his mind wouldn’t let him think. “What if I never return? What about my sisters? Would they try to find me?” Jacob’s mind told him. Jacob walked on for about 15 minutes with no sign of an end. Frustrated he trudged on, stepping on a twig that sent a sharp “snap” through the air loud enough to make birds take wing. He froze. He heard a long and deep groan. A sound that made his heart beat. A sound that wasn’t human.

It crawled and it slithered. It moaned and it groaned. It heard the “snap” of a nearby twig and froze dead in its tracks, trying to hear where the noise was from. The noise was coming from the left, but it didn’t have a great sense of direction. The noise was loud and undeniable. Someone else was here. The noise seemed to notice it had made noise and stopped, quieting the air around it. Its ears were now perked up and intently listening. When no noise happened, it started to lurk through the swamp intent on finding the noise.

“Snap. Snap. Snap.” Whatever the noise was, it was moving. It walked through the dark swamp in pursuit of the noise. The noise was a clever one and figured out “it” was following itself. The noise started to panic. “Snap. Snap. Snap,” had turned into “Thump. Thump. Thump,” as the noise started to run. It was faster than the noise. It was gaining speed. It flew through the air and fell just a few feet from the noise. It barred its ferocious teeth and hideous smile. The noise shrank back revealing the identity of Jacob. Jacob, moving backwards slowly, started to feel sick to his stomach.

Jacob started to think of ways to get out of this monster’s path. The creature started to loom closer. Jacob had an idea. The ground was sticky and swampy. If “it” would have fallen in, it would share the same fate of the lamb. Just as the monster raised its head, Jacob tripped it with the help of a root jutting out of the dark mud. It fell in the dark mud and almost swallowed the monster whole. Jacob managed to leave the mud’s strong hold and sprint into the woods.

photo credit: bogenfreund via photopin cc

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